Our solution offerings

We offer the best in every field. As a consulting organization, we are the front players in conceptualization the source, form business ventures and partnerships with niche specialists. We are chosen for our inspiration, creativity, innovation and methodology in resolving complex problems. We are furthermore chosen for our consistent ability to deliver according to requirements.


JMC offers a consultancy service, where we get involved from conceptualization right through to assisting you with proactive maintenance planning to prolong the life span of your investment. We offer the following services under our Consultancy:

  • We will help you seek experts to advise you on your process, such as quarry and mining prospecting and design.
  • We shall source the machinery required for your process from beginning to end, which can be specifically manufactured to suit your process.
  • We arrange procurement and shipping of any machines used for quarrying, rigging, mining and construction, which can be brand new or fairly used as per Client requirements.
  • We procure brand new and fairly used/refurbished parts for already existing machines.
  • We procure small tools, accessories and safety equipment for your specific needs.
  • We assist with facilitating technical expertise for all machines and moving plant procured by us.


At JMC, we pride ourselves on partnering with manufacturers that are industry leaders in their respective fields, together ensuring world class product and solutions that add value to our Clients. It is through the harnessing of these partnerships that we are able to deliver a solution tailored to your needs, be it new or fairly used.


JMC will handle all shipment related to Client purchase. JMC works with expert industries in freight forwarding, which have remarkable experience and reputations internationally. These partnerships shall guarantee smooth expediting of each shipment directly to you, Our Client.

Our ultimate aim is for JMC is to become the solutions expert in Nigeria for the mining, quarrying, rigging and constructions markets.